B.I.S.D. Bus Drivers Seek Pay Increase

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 9:20am

BROWNSVILLE - BISD bus drivers may finally have a response to their recent demands. The school district’s transportation employees have been upset about their current work benefits and pay. Last month, hundreds of bus drivers took to the streets in protest for the lack of paid holidays and vacation days.

“We used to have paid vacation and now they have been lowering our days and they could be better,” says BISD bus driver Sergio Guerrero. “We weren't addressed or told. It was just done.”

Since last month’s protest BISD bus drivers have been meeting with district officials to come to some sort of agreement.

“We are asking for a pay increase and we are asking for the days that were taken away to get re-established,” says Guerrero.

The voting process will happen here at the BISD administration building where seven board members will gather to vote to decide the outcome of the issue.

BISD Interim Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya believes progress has been made between the two groups and expects the issue to be resolved soon.

“Over time we have kept an open dialogue that is very positive to make sure that this occurs tonight and I think they are very receptive and know that we want to work with them in a very positive way,” says Dr. Montoya.

He stresses the importance of the issue because bus drivers play a critical role in the school district’s day-to-day operations.

“And I truly believe this evening our school board will completely support it so it is going to pass in a very positive way.”

Guerrero remains hopeful that board members will feel the same way.

“We are not trying to cause chaos or anything,” says Guerrero “We just want what is ours. That is what we want.”

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