BISD Bus Drivers Hit the Streets in Protest

Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 10:13am

BISD bus drivers and transportation employees are upset. About one-hundred employees were seen marching this morning in protest down Price Road in Brownsville today. Their destination? The BISD Administration Building. Their Goal? To get back paid holidays and vacation days they feel they have earned.

“They are taking out things without our consent,” says BISD bus driver Sergio Guerrero. “We have three months off during the summer and we don't get paid for it. And teachers and other people get paid for it.”

Disgruntled employees met with BISD board members after their march to discuss a solution. One half of paid holidays and vacation days were reduced this year by the district due to reduction in state funding.

According to Guerrero this is unfair, “They made a decision for us and didn't turn to us to make the decision.”

Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya says the decision to reduce paid vacation days was a difficult one.

“All districts are being impacted negatively and we had to tighten the budget to save jobs and one of the areas that we tightened up on was vacation days.”

Montoya feels the meeting proved beneficial for both parties and hopes it can be resolved quickly.

“We have a few constraints that we have to deal with but we are serious about revisiting the whole budget issue to see what we can do to assist them,” says Montoya.

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