Births On The Run

Friday, February 10, 2012 - 10:57am

Woman gives birth in ambulance for second time with same paramedic crew.

Two week old Jordan Brown seems peaceful now, but this little bundle of joy made an exciting entrance into the world.

Paramedics say they had to make quick decisions.

"We got there," said paramedic Chanaan Davis. "Her water had broke. Her OBGYN doctor was in Tifton. We made the decision that we were not going to make it to Tifton."

They left her house and decided they would take her to Phoebe Worth Hospital, just a few miles away.

"I turned around and looked," said Davis. "The head was out. I went to reach for another pair of gloves and she said 'here he comes.' I turned around and here he was."

Jordan Brown has three older siblings.

His mother says the his excitement and energy did not last long.

"He really don't have a personality because he sleeps all the time," said Wytarium Brown, Jordan's mother. "He just sleep, sleep, sleep. When he ain't sleeping, he is eating. That is about the only time he will wake up is when he wants to eat."

Jordan looks a lot like his brothers and sisters, and he has something special in common with his older sister Kalaysja.

She was delivered by the same paramedics two years ago.

"We didn't recognize her at first," said paramedic Scott Meadows. "But, when she started calling our names, we knew we had a double decker going here."

Wytarium is glad that the two men took care of her and her babies two years apart.

While baby deliveries inside ambulances aren't that rare, delivering the same mother twice, well, what are the chances?

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