Bionic Hand Gives Sense of Touch

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 11:10am

Hi-tech hand allow Ohio teen to experience life like never before.

A boy is getting the best Christmas gift: The sense of touch.

A Columbus, Ohio company is making it possible for him to do amazing things with a bionic hand.

11-year-old Doug Buck calls his prosthetic a "Terminator hand."

Doug was born with something called shortening of the fingers.

"He had a small little nub here and just the bottom part of your hand. That's what he has," explains Laraine Buck, Doug's mom.

Laraine has been searching for a prosthetic that would work for her son and found it in Columbus.

To understand just how much the prosthetic means to him, you should know what he has experienced.

"Every time I got off the bus, everybody called me "little hand," "midget hand." They made fun of my hand, and that really affected me," he says.

It didn't stop him, though.

As a Boy Scout, Doug has met President Obama and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

He also learned to play the violin, with some help from Laraine.

"I used Velcro. I used some PlayDoh. I wrapped it around the bow, and he's able to play the violin" she explains.

Now sensors in the prosthetic work with Doug's muscles, telling each finger what to do.

Doug is the youngest patient the Touch Life Center has had, and he is testing out his new fingers.

He is learning to grasp and pinch and soon will be showing off for his friends.

"I'll go home and show all my friends and see how they react to it," Doug says.

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