Biker assault, another man charged

Biker assault, another man charged
Sunday, October 6, 2013 - 7:48am

Another motorcyclist, allegedly linked to a clash between a motorcycle gang and an SUV driver, is now facing charges. Nearly a half dozen bikers are accused of using their helmets to attack the driver and now, police say Robert Sims also stomped on the driver's head and body, Dave Carlin has more on the investigation.

Reginald Chance, is identified by investigators as their top suspect. Charged with being the most vicious of the motorcycle riding suspects.

Police say the man with the helmet in his hand attacked the Range Rover.

The video stops here but police say Chance went on to beat 33 year-old Alexian Lien in front of Lien's wife and 2 year-old daughter following this wild road rage chase up the West side highway.

The Range Rover at the center of the incident was moved to another NYPD location for additional police processing

Later in the evening this man police describe as their top cooperating witness was given a police escort home.

Known as Kawasaki Kevin, Kevin Bresloff provided investigators with the all important helmet cam video of the violence.

Bresloff hired an attorney who told us off camera his client is being threatened because he turned over the video to investigators.

Police are now conducting a separate internal affairs investigation after it was learned at least one off-duty detective and two off-duty New York City police officers were part of the motorcycle rally that led up to the incident.

Security expert and former law enforcement official Lou Palumbo said officers who failed to intervene to restore the peace face severe disciplinary action, "Unfortunately, in this instance it sounds like these were NYC police officers in the city of New York contributing to this problem. That's what I think the real fear is, were they complicit in some way, did they contribute." ((BUTT WITH)) "Departmental charges could come down, with anything from conduct non becoming, failure to report, possibly even something contributory to the incident itself by not taking action and reporting. So this is going to continue to unfold."

35 year-old Robert Sims is charged with first degree gang assault, first degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon.


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