Bike riding dog going for the record on scooter

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 12:42pm

A dog in Georgia is trying to ride his way into the Guinness Book of World Records, on a scooter!

As Jaye Watson found out, that's not the only trick the French Sheep dog has up his sleeve.

"Come, all the way. Come on." This is not the story of a dog, "Norman, take it." Who can put his dirty dishes in the dish washer.

"Put on. Good boy!"

"Norman. Tug it open."

It's not the story of a dog, "Good. Take it." who can fetch what he wants from the fridge, "Get a drink." or who can take a long drink of water, "Good boy. Wipe the face." then politely wipe his mouth on a towel,

"That's a good boy. Come on." and this is totally not the story about a dog, "Pedal Norm." who can ride a bicycle "Good boy." because that, "Good pedal. You got it." that would be crazy.

"Everybody ready?"

No, this is the story, of Norman the 3 year-old French Sheep dog, "Norman. Scoot." who is training to set a Guinness world record, by riding a scooter 98 feet, "Good boy Norman!" unassisted.


"It's amazing!"

Farrell Wilkerson had to stop his car, "Good scoot, Norm." when he saw Norman cruising down the street, fur flying in the wind

Wilkerson was on his phone. "I told him there was a dog riding a scooter. He thought I was crazy."

"Norman. Scoot."

It is a staggering sight, "Good boy!", to watch him sling those big paws over the handlebars then push off like any kid itching for some speed.

"I think he likes to be able to stand up and move. And move quickly."

Owner Karen Cobb says Norman has loved scooters since he was a pup, "Norman. Up. Let's try one more time.", she nurtured that love and all his other abilities.

"Norman. Scoot. Good scoot."

Come Friday, Norman will see if he's Guinness material,  "The official record is 30 meters, on scooter, by dog. So he has to do 30 meters in 30 seconds."

I bet when most people say 'Its a dog's life' this is not what they mean, but come Friday, this may be the story of this dogs life, one that lands him in the record books.

"I never want to jinx myself but I'm hoping that we set it without any problems."

"Good boy. Good scoot, Norm. That's it. Good boy!"

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