Big Mosquitoes Invade Central Florida

Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 10:05am

Floodwater mosquitoes are bigger in number and size this season in Florida.

The new mosquitoes that just emerged this week from standing floodwaters are two or three times the size of mosquitoes typical to this area.

And they seem two or three times as hungry as the salt marsh mosquitoes normally seen around here.

These mosquitoes are known as floodwater mosquitoes.

They emerge only when there's enough standing water on ground that's normally high and dry.

The flood water mosquitoes can transmit dog heartworms, so owners should keep dogs safe.

But the new mosquitoes are no more likely than the old ones to spread diseases such as encephalitis or West Nile virus to humans.

One other insidious fact about the floodwater mosquitoes is that they have a gentle bite that you can't feel.

And even before those mosquitoes emerged, much of the area had already been plagued by the worst infestation in years.

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