Big bust found over 1 million dollars of cocaine

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POSTED: Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 8:29am

UPDATED: Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 11:46am

Standard traffic stop, turned major drug bust, one of the biggest of the year for the Cameron County Sheriffs office.

A Traffic stop leads to a bust worth more than a million dollars of cocaine.

A flatbed trailer traveling through combes headed North was pulled over, an open air search was conducted around the 18 wheeler.

"The K9 detected that there was maybe something in that particular trailer"

A search warrant was served and officers went to work.

Investigators say the smuggled drugs were pulled from a bucket to a forklift. The heavy machinery had been altered to create a special compartment for the nearly ninety pounds of cocaine.

The bundled packages totaled about one million dollars. The sheriff says this business is a lucrative one for not only distributors but also for those who transport, and it seems that smugglers are taking greater risks with larger loads.

"They want to see if they can cross larger amounts of it instead of four or five kilos now they're trying to increase it. It's a lot of money to them."

But clearly, this smuggler didn't get away with it.

The sheriff says the additional officers he's been able to put on the streets are helping with criminal interdiction. He's pushing for more presence on the roads in hoped of reducing crime like this through out the county.

"As of now the driver of that 18 wheeler flat bed has not been arrested police are working with him to try and determine where the drugs came from and where the drugs came from and where they were going. Reporting from Cameron county Natassia Finley Kveo News Center 23"

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