Betty Ford Remembered

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 9:29am

Public memorial service for former First Lady Betty Ford in her Michigan hometown.

She lived in the White House and on the West Coast but Grand Rapids was always the place Betty Ford called home. A community that now honors and embraces the former First Lady after her final trip back.

Kathy Andrus of Grand Rapids says "I just wanted to say thanks for all she did and show my respect."

A respect felt by so many after a life filled with passion dedication and service.

Bob Delraso of Grand Rapids says "I remember it being the first person that did something about addictions and treated more as a disease instead of just someone being foolish."

The nation watched, in awe of her strength, during very public battles with drug and alcohol dependency and breast cancer. A strength that draws so many now to the Gerald R Ford Museum to say thanks one last time.

Kathy Andrus says "her life was public, and she shared it and it helped a lot of us."

This afternoon, her family and close friends will gather for a private funeral at Grace Episcopal the same church where Betty and Gerald Ford were married more than 50 years ago.

It is a fitting close to what was an amazing life before she returns to the place she always seemed to be the most comfortable at her husband's side.

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