Best Buy Mobile Site a Concern for Sprint Family Plan Customers

Friday, May 27, 2011 - 9:42am

If you have a Sprint Family Plan for your cell phone service, KXAN-TV has found that all the phone numbers on your plan can be brought up on a popular electronics website, Chris Sadeghi reports.

On the Best Buy Mobile site there's a place where you can check for available upgrades for your phone. You just enter your number and zip code and for most providers, they'll then ask for a social security or pin number, but we found that if Sprint is your provider, anyone who knows just one phone number and your zip code can get the digits for your whole family in just minutes.

So anyone who has your cell phone on their caller ID is just a zip code away from every other number on your plan. We called Sprint to find out why and told the Call Center rep about the Best Buy site. They said their security measures are clear, no account can be accessed without a pin number or security question. We called Best Buy Mobile and the website essentially serving as a middle man between customers and their providers and a rep there gave us a slightly different story saying that upgrade availability doesn't require the same safeguards and with mobile mechanisms providing new avenues for crime, a weak link in security could open new doors and one more thing to look out for.

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