Beehive Burgled

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 2:13pm

Sticky-fingered crooks make sweet score with restaurant's honey-filled hive.

A popular Houston, Texas restaurant was recently hit by thieves, but they weren't after the money.

Police said thieves wanted something a sweeter -- the restaurant's beehive.

"I've been waiting anxiously to taste the honey," said Randy Evans, the executive chef and co-owner of Haven.

Evans grows his own vegetables, fruit and even keeps a beehive out front to make his own honey.

He said he has dealt with petty theft before but nothing quite like this.

The 3-foot bee hive housing his best workers was stolen.

Evans said he went to check his garden right outside his restaurant and noticed the crater housing the hive empty.

His surveillance cameras caught the criminals in the act.

In the video a dark truck with camper cover was seen backing up next to hive with its lights off.

In less than a minute, the thieves loaded the hive into the truck.

The robbers turned on their lights and drove away.

Houston police are investigating.

Evans said it's costing him more than $1,000 for the stolen hive and money he put into maintaining it.

Now he has this message for the crooks with the sticky fingers.

"Bring the bees back, keep the honey," Evans said.

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