Beating The Itch

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 11:44am

Winter weather often means dry, itchy skin and scalps.

You know the symptoms of winter skin but do you know the science behind itchy dry skin and scalp?

When the humidity is low, we lose moisture.

Fortunately there's help for dry skin and brittle hair.

Stylists say you should cut back on daily shampoos.

Washing every other day helps preserve moisture.

Weekly at-home deep conditioning treatments can help as well.

Keeping your skin in shape is the other battle in the winter months.

"We stop shedding the skin normally. So instead of shedding the skin in invisible, small clumps, we have larger clumps on the surface of the skin and that's what leads to the appearance of dry flaky skin," explains dermatologist Dr. Christine Brown.

Just like with your hair, moisture is key.

"Drink plenty of water each day, that's the best way to hydrate your body," Brown advises.

Without lots of water your favorite moisturizers and skin creams won't work as well.

"Moisturizers don't actually draw water from the environment into your skin. They trap water in your skin that comes from the inner more viable skin layers, and that water comes from drinking water," Brown explains.

Doctors suggest using soap free cleansers to prevent drying.

Also, limit scrubbing, and after a long hot bath make sure you put lotion on immediately.

Cuts and cracks may require a little more than moisture.

Doctors say super glue can seal small small cuts and dry cuticles.

If you don't address your dry skin problems, they can lead to more serious issues.

"In the instance that the dry flaky skin is not addressed and it progresses to eczema then the next step is to see a dermatologist," Brown warns.

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