Beaten Baby Disconnected Off Life Support

Beaten Baby Disconnected Off Life Support

POSTED: Friday, June 24, 2011 - 3:30pm

UPDATED: Sunday, July 3, 2011 - 11:07am

HIDALGO CO.- A baby who was brutally beaten in November of last year was taken off life support this morning.

In a statement, Sheriff Lupe Trevino says investigators were advised that the baby was going to be taken off life support because of the doctor's prognosis. Child Protective Services, who had legal custody of the child, requested from the state courts that the child be taken off life support.

Jose Reyna, the then-boyfriend of baby destiny's mother, pleaded guilty in February to injury to a child and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The mother, Veronica Solis, also pleaded guilty to injury to a child and received 10 years probation.

The statement released by the Sheriff's Department:

On Friday November 5, 2010, Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to D.H.R. Hospital, in Edinburg Texas in reference to an injury to a child report.

• Hidalgo County Homicide Investigators responded to the hospital.
• Investigators were advised that the child arrived with internal injuries “ruptured small intestine and smashed pancreas from a forceful blow to the abdomen as per attending physician Dr. Garza.
• Investigators made contact with mother Veronica Solis who advised that Destiny had been left with her boyfriend Jose Roberto Reyes.
• Investigators learned that Destiny was not to be left alone with Jose Roberto Reyes due to an ongoing C.P.S. investigation.
• Investigators learned that Jose was wanted on a parole warrant.
• Investigators located and spoke with Jose the same night. Jose provided a voluntary statement of accused implicating himself in the injury to a child.
• On Monday November 8, 2010 Investigators arrested Veronica Solis on the charge of injury to a child F2, omission due to the child safety plan issued by C.P.S.
• Investigators submitted the cases to The Hidalgo County District Attorney Office 11-23-2010. Assistant District Attorney M. Moore advised that she would delay an indictment pending Dr. prognosis on the child.
• Investigators was advised by Dr. Norberg that in his opinion and two other Doctors, Destiny who was showing brain activity could live one day, six months or unknown number of years with the assistance of the life support machine she was attached to and Destiny would be a burden to anyone having custody of her.
• Investigators notified Assistant District Attorney M. Moore of the Doctors findings.
• On 1-26-2011 an indictment was handed down by the 332nd D.C. on Jose Reyes on the injury to a child.
• On 1-26-2011 an indictment was handed down by the 332nd D.C. on Veronica Solis on the injury to a child.
• On 2-10-2011 Jose Reyna pleaded guilty to injury to a child and was sentenced to 5year T.D.C.
• On 05-09-2011 Veronica Solis pleas guilty to injury to child case and receives 10years probation.
• On 06-17-2011 Investigators were advised that child Destiny was going to be taken off life support as per doctors prognosis, C.P.S. having legal custody of the child requested from the State Courts that the child be taken of life support.
• On 06-24-2011 at 10:45 a.m. Destiny Barrientos was taken off life support as per court order. As of 1:00p.m, Destiny was breathing on her own.

Sheriff Trevino, States, “As we all know, a person can not be tried twice for the same offense. The people charged in this case have been arrested, tried, and convicted. The decision to proceed was mutually agreed by the D.A and the Sheriff. This decision was based on the prognosis given by three medical authorities. It was a very difficult decision that had to be made, but it was made with the best information available. It would have been impractical for the criminal justice system to delay judicial action to see if the child died, knowing the medical prognosis. According to the Doctors opinions the child might have survived a unknown number of years”.

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WOW!!! I know people serving 20 yrs for drug CONSPIRACY, yet these two murders are allowed to walk freely..If this is not a cry for a change in our legal system, I don't know what is..As for the mother, I pray to God that he doesn't give her any more children to MURDER...

the legal system is so screwed up....i guarantee SO Lupe Trevino, would have gone full force had this baby been a relative of his. The mother and SOB deserve the same treatment that they gave this little innocent child. Why do idiots like this get the honor of brining children into this crappy world. Hope they rot in hell, since they obviously won't in prison or at home. 5 yrs & 10 yrs probation for destroying someones innocence, taking their life away completly. where is the justice?

Destiny loses her life and all the mother gets is probation…that sucks! She should’ve gotten a worse penalty because she already knew that he was dangerous to her children.

She passed away this afternoon its a horrible tragedy for this child to lose her life because of the stupidity of her mother. What kind of mother puts their child in harms way? They had already been visted by cps prior to this incident, she had agreed not to have him around her kids. The mother may have not physically hurt the child but by leaving her with him, she knowingly put her life in danger. The mother did this to her own child. Poor innocent baby Destiny had her entire life ahead of her.

I would like to know how she is doing. Hopefully the mother and boyfriend feel all the guilt they deserve. This baby is an innocent child that didnt deserve what was done to her. She is in my prayers..

Why wouldn't they hear the dads side of the family they have more of the right to do so !

burn both of them Idiots.... poor baby

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