Bear Breaks In

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 12:14pm

Black bear breaks into WESH anchor's home.

A Florida news anchor was shocked to find a bear by her backyard pool Thursday morning.

Martha Sugalski, of NBC affiliate WESH in Orlando, spotted the bear just outside the back door of her Seminole County home.

"I've seen a female with cubs. We had one in our garage last year trying to get some garbage, not nearly as big as this one," said Sugalski's husband, Rob Reich.

Sugalski said it is the sixth bear she's seen in her Seminole County neighborhood in the past two months.

She said that's more than she saw in the six years she lived there prior.

Photos show some torn screens and a broken cabinet, but the bear did not cause any major damage, and no one was hurt.

"When I saw it, I yelled at it, and it did turn and run away quite quickly," said Reich. "I didn't feel like it was aggressive. However, if it was the dog, or if I walked into it from another direction where it felt cornered, it could have been another situation."

Wildlife officials said they urge residents to do what they can to make the bears go away.

From yelling, to blowing an air horn, to pounding on pots and pans, officials said the bears need to fell uncomfortable so they move on.

Residents are also asked to not leave food or garbage around to attract the bears.

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