Bear Attack Claims Family Dog

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 1:09pm

Florida neighborhood on alert after brazen mauling.

A Florida family is crushed after a bear attacked their dog Tuesday morning.

Kim Staber said she was just starting her morning routine about 7 a.m. by letting her 13-year-old Sheltie, Rocks, out of their Longwood home.

"Just literally out of nowhere, a bear comes galloping out from the side yard and starts attacking him," Staber said.

Staber said the bear grabbed a hold of Rocks with its mouth and didn't let go. The dog owner said she was screaming, but the bear kept attacking the dog.

"Finally, I stepped out and screamed at the bear, and it backed up. I held the door, and with my left hand, I grabbed my dog's front left paw," Staber said.

Staber said she rushed the dog to the veterinarian, but Rocks had to be put down.

Staber said she learned the bear dragged her neighbors' trash into her yard and was protecting its meal when the dog came out.

"What if it had been me stepping outside, would the bear have attacked me or a little kid?" Staber asked.

Staber is warning her neighbors to watch out.

"I'm just worried this bear is a little too aggressive and too much, a little too much for the neighborhood," Staber said.

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