Beach Clean Up Begins After Spring Break


POSTED: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 9:00am

UPDATED: Friday, July 27, 2012 - 3:01pm

Spring Break was a big boom for the island economy, but it was also a big problem for cleanup crews.

Although there's plenty of trash remaining on the island beaches it could have been worse. County officials started the Cash for Trash program back on March 1st in an effort to fight the problem with beach goers paying $5 dollars to access the beach. Those who paid the $5 dollars can get their money back after they return the bag filled with trash. Cameron County Park Director Javier Mendez stated, "There wasn't as much littering on the beaches. We used to have glass bottles and trash that was left behind, but I think because we started the Cash for Trash program earlier this year it has kept the beaches clean."

A volunteer beach cleanup for several areas across South Padre Island will take place next month on April 28th.

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What a fabulous idea and program! It keeps our beaches free for those who care for and respect them. It financially nudges those who are less inclined to clean up after themselves to do so. Kudos to South Padre Island for implementing Cash for Trash!

David Harry
Author, The Padre Puzzle

Great idea, when I'm at the beach I make a point to take 30 minutes of my time to devote to picking up trash and I like to do it with people watching or laying around. It's amazing what one person can do with 30 minutes and how much trash can be picked up. I hope it plants ideas in peoples mind that we are all stewards of the land!

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