Battling "Rocky The Beaver"


POSTED: Monday, August 15, 2011 - 7:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 8:23am

EDCOUCH- Battling the beaver is what city workers in Edcouch have been dealing with over the last few weeks. "Rocky The Beaver" has been clogging up a canal drain.

Through a brush in Edcouch that leads to a canal is where lives a beaver, you don't see him during the day, but he's been hard at work building this dam clogging the water that seeps through it. Many people say nature would be nature, but it's a concern for the city.

"It leads out to the main outfall,  and that carries water away from Elsa through Edcouch and the surrounding schools. so it's a major concern to us now especially we are in hurricane season and the season is starting to heat up a little bit," said  City Manager Mike Mesa.

Rocky must be caught or else the city could face some serious flooding if it rains. For weeks city workers like David Alaniz has been monitoring the beaver, they named him Rocky.

" I saw him traveling down here and then he was traveling back and forth with sticks in his mouth so i actually went down to the pipe and got my camera and took a picture of him," said Alaniz.

Rocky the Beaver is the fastest four legged builder in the Upper Valley if you will.

"I was here yesterday, Sunday, came here to four to six o'clock and i took everything out of there and i took everything out of the dam. Today this morning when i came at seven in the morning, it was already almost about three inches open right there in the pipe. he's working faster than we are," said Alaniz.

Alaniz says they tried catching him with a cage among other ways. Monday afternoon they'll try one more thing, put a net over in the canal hoping to catch the beaver and end their troubles.

" And we've been unplugging the pipe and it's been like a battle here. the battle of the arroyo but it's the battle of the ditch here," said Alaniz.

If rocky gets caught, a home will be awaiting him.

"Made arrangements with Gladys' potter zoo and that they will take the beaver for us if we can capture it," said Mesa.

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