Bath Salt High

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 - 2:50pm

Ohio kids hospitalized after getting high on bath salts.

Another disturbing case involving those so-called bath salts. This time involving some Greenville, Ohio teenagers. The teens, one as young as 13, were reportedly taking a few pinches of powder bath salts and putting them in Mountain Dew drinks.

The problem is one that is sweeping the nation. And now it's made its way here to the streets of Greenville where some parents made a startling discovery.

Lt. Steve Strick of the Greenville, Ohio Police Department says "these children are taking this substance when it's not meant for human consumption and the effects, no one knows."

More than 11 hours after a weekend house party on East 4th Street, parents called for help because their kids were hallucinating. Five people 18 or younger were taken to area hospitals after apparently drinking Mountain Dew mixed with bath salts.

Lt. Strick says "whether it was given to them freely or placed into drinks they consumed we don't know yet, we're getting conflicting stories."

Police are investigating whether an 18-year-old girl offered the bath salts to the younger teens. But even if that was the case, finding something to charge her with won't be easy because the bath salts are legal to buy. The problem comes in when they're used as a drug.

Lt. Strick says "we can't stop it from selling it at this point..there's legislation pending."

That's why police are putting out the warning to avoid these bath salts.

Lt. Strick says "through education hopefully we can tell these kids that this is not something to ingest into your's not meant for that."

Ohio Representative Clayton Luckie has introduced a bill in the Ohio House to make bath salts illegal. But some worry makers will just change the names and chemical compounds and start selling the stuff again.

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