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Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 10:44am

Nebraska marksman is testing new long-range ammunition for the military.

A Lexington, Nebraska man is taking aim at helping the nation.

He's Burch Truman, and he's helping test long range cartridges and munitions that are used for military purposes.

Also known as Tab, Truman is a man who can hit his mark.

“I mostly shoot for competitions at 1,000 yards, I have a 1250 yard target and another at 1700 yards,” he says.

The targets are lined up at this private shooting range southeast of Lexington called the Robb Jefferies Ranch and Training Complex.

This is where the retired Marine, qualified personal marksmanship instructor and high master for long range rifle shooter takes aim at helping the nation.

He works with Hornady Manufacturing, an ammunitions company out of Grand Island, testing long range cartridges and munitions.

“They'll say 'Tab try this at different ranges' and depending on how they shoot and what the bullet is designed for...they'll come out and push the testing,” said Truman.

Tab says most of the testing comes from the development of the market.

“The servicemen and women in Iraq, on the first go around, they were saying that they could see the target and not hit it. The M40 and M21's that are currently in inventory in the military have an effective range at 800 meters. This load takes it from 800 to 1200 meters,” said Truman.

Tab also works with local law enforcement at a pistol range, for concealed carry classes and local military personnel on fundamentals.

He even teaches beginners the basics of shooting.

He does it all for his country.

“I have a great love for my country and with my background and my's made it personal trying to help these along,” said Truman.

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