Backyard Bear Brawl

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 1:16pm

Florida neighborhood is being overrun by bears.

A Longwood, Florida man says his neighborhood is going to the bears.

Mansour Kochak had a run-in with two bears while taking out the trash Tuesday.

"They went through the trash and they ripped it apart, took it throughout the front yard," Kochak said.

When Kochak thought the bears had left, he went outside the clean up the mess, but his wife soon came running out the house screaming.

"My wife came out, and said, 'They're breaking the fence. They're coming through,'" Kochak said.

Kochak recorded video as two big bears wrestled in his back yard, and said he could not believe what he saw next.

"A few minutes after that, they just ripped the screen and they came in to my pool area, and they got a dip," Kochak said.

Kochak said he called 911 twice but nobody showed up.

He finally got a call from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers who he said told him to bang some pots together to scare them off.

"Who's got the guts to try to scare bears this big off? I'm afraid they'll come through the window," Kochak said.

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