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Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 4:15pm

Things are quiet at this intersection outside of Hanna high school for now, but cross walks here and at dozens of schools in Brownsville will be used by thousands of kids starting on Monday.

"Once they use this cross walk they can safely cross over."

Sgt. Lorena Bermudez is a police officer at the Brownsville ISD.

"For the safety our concern is everyone uses the sidewalks and crosswalks and for the first week we are going to have a large volume of traffic the first week or two for the school year, I really encourage everyone to be patient with our security and law enforcement and get everyone through and quickly and safely and possible."

Something police will really be enforcing is drivers using their cell phones in school zones.

"If you are on the phone it was very dangerous situation if you get run over plus if you have a driver texting while driving you can have a casualty, so we try to educate, our goal is to educate the parents, students and community."

You can face some still penalties if using a cell phone in a school zone.

"You will be cited and you have will have report to municipal court and fine are between $150-$250.

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