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Thursday, December 8, 2011 - 11:04am

Man spots broken railroad track just in time to avert disaster.

The town of Eyota, Minnesota avoided a disaster Tuesday morning when a man noticed something out of the ordinary.

That something?

A two foot chunk of rail missing from the railroad tracks.

Chad Nienow was on his way home from County Cafe around 8:20 a.m.

"I got out and I came to the corner, and all of a sudden I heard the dinging sound that a train was going to come," Nienow recalled.

It caused Nienow to cross the tracks right below County Cafe.

"I got over the tracks and I was stepping over, and I saw a piece of metal...and it was a big piece, about two feet long. And I looked up the way and I could see right where it came from," Nienow said.

That two foot piece of metal broke off from the tracks.

Nienow is not sure when it broke off, but he's guessing a train that went by earlier in the morning could've caused it.

"If a train would've been coming from Rochester to Eyota, it would've probably been bad," Nienow said.

Nienow notified City Hall.

The city got a hold of Eyota's railroad contact.

Crews immediately came out to fix the rail.

"They were here real quick and obviously fixed it real quick and were gone because then later on in the morning... maybe 10:30 in the morning... another train went through just fine so they already had it fixed," said city clerk Marlis Knowlton.

"If I would've crossed six feet this way or six feet this way, I wouldn't have seen that piece and something might've happened," Nienow added.

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