Back On His Paws

Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 9:56am

New prosthetic helps lucky dog walk again.

A California dog is lucky to be alive after suffering from complications caused by a rare bone disorder.

Now a team of medical experts has teamed up to get him back on his feet.

Skip is an energetic puppy who lost a paw due to a bone deformity.

"He was very young to be put down and I felt like he needed another chance at life," says owner Xenia Onofre.

Onofre took her job as a vet technician to a new level.

She saved Skip's life, but without a paw he was in bad shape.

"He was determined to use that leg even if there wasn't a paw. It was causing some issues with other joints, so we needed to strengthen the leg somehow," says Dr. Betty Lawson.

After two failed surgeries with Skip, Dr. Larson says she needed to think of other options.

That's when Spencer Green came into the picture.

He works at the Hanger Clinic.

He usually makes prosthetic limbs for humans.

"With an animal, you're looking at how well they utilize it. If they're willing to put a paw on the ground. If they will chew it off. If they don't want to walk... with skip he just took off running. That was a good sign," he says.

The prosthetic paw is only a few ounces and it straps right onto Skip's leg.

"He's worked out great. He's part of the family and I love him. He's a good dog," says Onofre.

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