Baby Mohawk The Dolphin In Trouble

POSTED: Thursday, July 30, 2009 - 9:16pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:33am

In a story you saw first on News Center 23, A one-year old dolphin remains tangled tonight in fishing line off the waters of Laguna Madre Bay.
For days now, fishermen spotted the injured dolphin, swimming in the Laguna Madre, but it wasn't until today that researchers from the Sea Life Center found the mammal.
Baby Mohawk the Dolphin is in trouble.
"This fishing line is life threatening. He's had it on him for about a week."
And it's not the first time he's been in need.
"He had a big square patch of skin gone on the top of his head, when he was just a baby."
That injury is how he got his name.
Director of the Sea Life Center, Scarlet Colley says, she's worried about the dolphin.
"The fishing line's through his mouth, we don't know if a hook's involved. It could be very dangerous."
Colley says federal officials from the Marine Mammal Stranding Network and U.S. Fish and Wildlife will be coming to get the fishing line off.
For dolphin lover, Jordyn Morales, she says, she hopes something can be done.
"If they don't get it off, it'll cut right through him, and he'll die."
They say, Baby Mohawk's a survivor.
"This is a tough little dolphin, and we hope he'll pull through," Colley says.
Because the dolphin is only one years old, it may have trouble eating with a fishing line in it's mouth.
Rescue teams at the Sea Life Center are asking for volunteers to help save "Baby Mohawk".
If your'e interested call 956-943-6626.

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