Baby Gorilla Will Head To Cincinnati

Monday, February 18, 2013 - 6:21pm

People at the Gladys Porter Zoo are flocking to the Small World section to take some final pictures of this cute baby gorilla before she leaves.
The female gorilla be leaving her Brownsville family to join a new one in Cincinnati.

"Her mother was not taking care of her, when she was born her mother walked off and left her and didn't come back for her, three times in the first 24 hours we tried to reintroduce her and she could not and would not take her back."

Since the gorilla was born several volunteers have been feeding and taking care of her.
When she gets to the Midwest they hope to find the gorilla a surrogate mother.

"When she is established in their care then they will begin the introduction process, it will take as long as it takes but they want it to be successful, they do have surrogate gorillas that have done this job before they feel quite confident it will be successful.

The baby gorilla is expected to leave the Gladys Porter Zoo for Cincinnati on Friday."

"I feel sad it is leaving."
"We will miss her it’s been a great experience but this is 100% the best for her."

The gorilla has not been named yet.

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