Friday, June 10, 2011 - 8:45am

The "convenience" of your smartphone's auto-correct function can send the wrong message.

Ethan Rowan gets several a day.

A text message from someone whose words were auto-corrected to another word that's nowhere near what the sender meant to send.

“It happens a lot…” says Rowan. “I have one friend from Georgia, she has an I-Phone, and it's constantly every other text message. I'm just like, ok can you like just say that again…”

There's also the daughter whose text message from dad read "your mom and I are going to divorce next month"

Except that dad wrote Disney, as in Disney world. But his smartphone's auto-correct changed it to divorce.

Etiquette expert Anna Post, great-great granddaughter of the legendary Emily Post says texters aren't paying attention to what they're writing.

Then they hit send with auto-correct's incorrect words.

"I think it's important to re-read that message, that text, before it goes out" Post says.

There's even a website with a compilation of the biggest blunders of autocorrect.

Some that can be downright vulgar.

Which is why post preaches re-reading before sending, especially in business.

"A client I think is worth that, but always re-read anyway just so that you can save a little face later on in case there was a mistake" says Post.

Another alternative is simply disabling auto-correct and rediscovering the dictionary.

Chris Clackum, NBC News.

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