Authorities Allegedly Serve Arrest Warrant on Wrong Home

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 8:46am

An arrest warrant being served on a suspect said to be armed and dangerous at an Indian Lake home, didn't turn out so well.

Now the homeowner of that home is not very happy with how authorities allegedly entered into his home.

Here lies the problem, the home allegedly entered by Cameron County Sheriff's investigators, was the wrong house.

"Everything was open... everything was open, that's how we knew they were inside the house," said Jaime Flores and his wife Anna. 

The Flores family had gone up the street to the grocery store when they got a call from a neighbor about sheriff's deputies surrounding their home.

In the meantime, they'd heard news of a bad vehicle accident on Texas-100. They immediately thought the worst and that authorities were at their home to let them know their kids were involved in that accident.

They quickly found two officers on the highway and let them know who they were and asked why authorities were at their house.

"They were trying to take some information out of me," said Flores.

Eventually they started questioning him about his connection to the wanted fugitive they were in search of.

"Like if I were to hide that person in my house, if I knew that person, but I never knew that person, I never really knew what they were talking about," said Jaime Flores.

And then it became clear, Flores said one of the deputies told him they got the wrong house.

So why the mistake in the first place?

Authorities say it was a truck in their driveway that caused all the confusion.

The house authorities were actually looking for was two houses down, the same home that Flores and his wife had just purchased a pickup truck from less than a week before. The tags on that truck matched the last name of the fugitive’s brother they were looking for. A search there turned up empty as well.

"The sheriff's office does of course have jurisdiction within the city, but normally they refer or they'll ask for our input or assistance in a case they're working. If we had been contacted on this case, I can assure you the correct home would have been searched and it wouldn't have been the incorrect home, said Indian Lake Police Chief John Chambers.

A full investigation is underway by the Indian Lake Police Department to determine if any wrong doing by the sheriff's office actually occurred. Sheriff Omar Lucio said he is looking into the case as well.

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