Aurora Investigation Continues

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 2:38pm

Police and federal agents return to theater, suspect's apartment.

Police and federal agents are back at the Aurora, Colorado theater where last friday's shooting massacre occurred, and at the suspect's apartment as investigators continue to uncover evidence.

Meanwhile, the shattered community is finding strength in the stories of heroes like Stephanie Davies.

President Obama first introduced us to Stephanie and Allie Young after a Sunday hospital visit.

The two young women have come to define the phrase "best friends for life," with the emphasis on life.

When the bullets started flying that night Allie hit the floor first.

She'd been hit.

A bullet had pierced her neck.

Allie couldn't breathe.

Stephanie kept pressure on the wound and tried to keep Allie quiet.

When the shooting stopped.

Stephanie helped carry her friend to a waiting ambulance.

At the hospital one of the first people she saw was Allie's dad.

"He says 'Allie can't talk because she's got breathing tubes down her throat, but they gave her a board to write on and the first thing that she wrote on that board was 'Where's my Steph' and I just lost it," Stephanie recalls.

A simple message that let her know she hadn't lost her best friend.

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