Attorney General Greg Abbott Talks Border Violence, Letter to Obama


POSTED: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 1:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 7, 2011 - 8:49am

Attorney General Greg Abbott has had enough of the drug cartel violence through out the state. In a letter sent directly to President Obama, Abbott demanded more man power at our borders.

"The administration in Washington is failing to address the increase in border that we're seeing up and down the Texas border," said Abbott. 

The letter comes days after a Hidalgo County Sheriff's Deputy was shot multiple times in what the Sheriff called the first incident of spill over violence in the area. Abbott described four other violent incidents. Three of which happened here in the upper valley. He says the time has come to take action before it gets even worse.

"Sometimes you may not see violence but we are seeing an expansion of cartel based gangs on the Texas side that will lead to even more bloodshed in the coming months and years," said Abbott. "The way to stop that is not after bodies have been lost."

This isn't the first time the Attorney General has warned the President about the increasing threat of spillover violence. Over a year ago he wrote a letter about gunfire spreading on to the streets of El Paso. He says since that letter the threat from the cartels has only grown.

Abbott pushed the administration to aggressively confront the escalating threat. He said they cant simply rely on good fortune to protect American lives from the ever present danger of cartel violence on the border.

"Everyone needs to take this so much more seriously because the problem is more severe than even locals know about," said Abbott. "We've got to see a response to this letter. The people in the state of Texas and the lives of the people in South Texas in particular depend on it and demand it."

Abbott's first letter fell on deaf ears and even though the white house has yet to respond he says he'll remain optimistic.

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this is not the first spillover violence in the valley, only the first that the sheriff will acknowledge, how many robberies, assaults, kidnappings,murders are a direct result of the drug gangs in mexico; since they are a direct result of criminal activities in mexico, than that is spillover violence, but we have nothing to fear for obama, and the homeland security leader informed the valley that the border has never been safer, a LIE, but they are democrats and they want the illegal alien votes

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