Ash from Mexican volcano unlikely to impact the Valley

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 7:23am

Now that it's been over a week since the volcano in Mexico City erupted, recent seismic activity has led some to believe that volcanic ash could be headed to the Valley.

It's been reported that the plume of steam, from the volcano, is more than half a mile long, some individuals are concerned that the ash from the volcanic eruption might make its way to the Valley.

Local experts at the National Weather Service say that's because Mexico City is more than 1,000 miles away, the small particles of ash are unlikely to make a big impact in the RGV, if any at all.

Meteorologist Justin Gibbs stated, "The weather patterns in, this part of the country, very rarely would set up where winds would blow in the direction that would be needed for us to get a significant amount of ash, in the lower Texas coast, in the Rio Grande Valley, in any part of South Texas. If there is any type of ash that arrives, it would likely be at the microscopic level and you wouldn't notice it unless you had specialized equipment or somewhere to monitor or measure it."

The volcano is no stranger to small eruptions, but over the last few weeks, those eruptions have been strengthening.

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