Arrow Survivor Speaks

Friday, September 10, 2010 - 5:36pm

Ohio man narrowly escapes death at hands of bow & arrow wielding attacker.

A Cincinnati, Ohio man shot with three arrows said he thought he was going to die from the wounds he received from weapons meant to kill bears and deer.

Samuel Doug Stacey talked from his bed at University Hospital.

"Someone was with me, guiding angels or something for me to make it through this," Stacey said.

Stacey said he made his friend a pot of coffee Tuesday morning, then went to sleep.

"Next thing I know, I felt a bow and arrow go through my back," Stacey said.

Stacey said his friend, Harry "Bo" Spivey loomed above him.

He asked Spivey to stop and call 911.

"He was like, 'No, you're a dead man. This next one's for your heart,'" Stacey said.
Stacey said as Spivey drew back the bow, he tried to shield himself and took a second arrow in the hand.

As Stacey fell to the floor in pain, another arrow speared into his back and into his lungs.

"I laid there like I was dead until he left, then scooted myself to the back window and started screaming for help," Stacey said. "I kept screaming real loud, and every time I'd scream, blood would shoot out my side and it was gargling."

On the operating table, Stacey said he didn't think he'd make it.

"It's extremely serious," said Dr. Bryce Robinson, a trauma surgeon at University Hospital. "The one in his lung has the chance of causing air trapped in his chest. That can kill you. The one in his spine can also be lethal."

Robinson said one of the arrow tips was just a couple millimeters from hitting Stacey's spinal cord, which would have paralyzed him.

"He's exceptionally lucky," Robinson said.

Meanwhile, through labored breathing, Stacey said he had one question for Spivey.

"I'd ask him why he did it," Stacey said. "I would want to know why he did it. I still want to know why."

Spivey was arrested in Georgia on Tuesday night.

He's being extradited to Ohio, and police said he still believes that he killed his friend.

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