Apple Unveils iCloud

Monday, June 6, 2011 - 7:57am

Apple set to reveal their take on "cloud" technology.

Apple is set to unveil its next big thing on Monday.

But rather than something you can hold, like an iPhone, iPad or iPod, it's Apple's variation of a technology concept called the "cloud", or, in apple-speak, the "iCloud".

Picking and choosing the songs and videos that you carry around on
Your smart phone or mobile device could become a thing of the past thanks to "the cloud".

"It just means you take your stuff and you put it on the internet so that you can reach it from any internet connected device," said Brian Cooley of cnet.Com.

Earlier this year, Amazon began trying to convince customers to store and stream their music and videos through its cloud service, and Google’s also got a similar offering.

But when Apple introduces its "iCloud", the idea could reach critical mass.

"What they might be able to do with iCloud is look at your hard drive remotely, with your permission of course, see all the music you have, and say you don't need to upload that to us again. We just know you have it,
You bought it through iTunes, and now, we're going to let you get it through the internet," Cooley explained.

The price of the iCloud service is among the questions to be answered, also, whether TV shows and movies are part of the mix.

If so, that could mean more competition for streaming giant Netflix.

Which means the iCloud's silver lining could be lots of green.

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