Apple Knows Where You Are

Thursday, April 21, 2011 - 8:43am

If you own an iPhone or iPad, chances are Apple has been keeping track of you.

Research became public on Wednesday that Apple is recording the movements of iPhone and iPad owners.

All cell phones contain technology which can pin-point a user's location and many smart phone users voluntarily give up their location via apps and tracking services.

But researchers have discovered this hidden file in the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad operating system that contains "unprotected" data, including months of geographic movement using locations and timestamps.

"I think the concern here is the information. One, people are not opting into it and two, it's unencrypted. Those are the things to be concerned about," said Maggie Reardon of

The unencrypted data is also on any electronic device that the user has synced with an iPhone or iPad.

This means the information can be easily accessed.

"If they're trying to steal your identity for example, if they know your typical patterns, and where you go, the places that you shop, and then they get your credit card number. It's very easy for them to pretend that they're you," said Reardon.

Experts speculate that Apple might be compiling the data for advertising purposes.

Apple has yet to comment.

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