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Saturday, January 4, 2014 - 11:51am

Getting in shape is always a popular new year's resolution.

One way to do that is by joining a gym, but you may be asked to sign a contract.

In todays' Angie's' list report, questions you should ask yourself before signing the dotted line.

Picking a gym can be a workout, different facilities have various specialties and prices, all which can be overwhelming to the consumer.

Additionally, many gyms may require you sign a contract.

"If getting fit is the top of your New Year Resolution list, be sure you understand what you are signing yourself up for before you sign up for a gym, especially if you haven't been an avid fitness person before. You want to make sure your contract has flexibility in case you change your mind."

Read the document carefully and don't sign it immediately.

Take the contract home and take the time to make sure you understand the fine print, including what happens if you break it.

If you do change your mind, most states provide specific gym and health club cooling off protections for consumers, typically ranging from three to five days.

If you're hesitant about getting into a long term commitment, consider a club or classes that don't require a contract.

Many centers offer contract free plans with access to many amenities.

Ask how an injury or move to a new area might affect your contract.

Some gyms allow members to suspend or cancel a membership in case of a injury or permanent disability, while others may not.

And remember, before starting any fitness program talk first to your doctor.

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