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Saturday, July 5, 2014 - 11:53am

Now that summer has arrived, our pets are spending more time outdoors, which can put them at risk for fleas and other harmful parasites.

The good news is that pet owners can prevent these problems before they start.

Your pet's health is the focus of today's Angie's' list report.

Dr. Greg Magnusson/Veterinarian. "The summer is really risky for fleas and ticks just because, primarily in the spring where the weather warms up, this is when these parasites start to come out of their hibernation from the winter."

Joe Kaiser/Pet owner: "Being a volunteer at the Humane Society i see too many animals with heartworm coming in with fleas and ticks and I see this and I feel so sorry for them because they are suffering."

Angie Hicks: "Especially during these summer months preventative care for your pets is important when it comes to parasites."

there are three common parasites pet owners should be aware of.

Fleas are the most common.

Dr. Greg Magnusson: "it takes about three months for a flea egg to develop into a flea adult so the adults that you're seeing on your pet today are laying eggs that aren't going to hatch for another three months."

Fleas can jump up to 2 feet in the air, which makes your four legged friend's fur their personal breeding ground.

Another parasite a pet can pick up from outdoors is ticks.

Vets suggest checking your dog regular for ticks since they can transmit Lyme disease.

There are several effective products on the market today that protect against all the parasites.

To ensure your pet's protection, experts suggest not skipping a dose.

talk to your veterinarian about the best prevention for you and your pet.

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