Ammunition stockpiling is causing shortages at gun stores


POSTED: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 4:04pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 9:12am

Fear of more restrictive gun laws created a rush for ammunition in the beginning of the year. Now halfway through February, store owners claim things have only slightly improved.

"People have begun to hoard ammunitions, and it has made it difficult for others to find those ammunitions," said Daniel Gallegos JR, Danny's Pawn & Sporting Goods Gun Shop Store Manager.

Sporting goods store owners said the lack of higher ammo quantities is coming from higher up the assembly line.

"The manufacturers have increased production, but they are still having difficulty getting it to the retailers like us," said Gallegos.

And while there hasn't been a complete shortage, explaining to customers why they can't reload on certain ammunition isn't easy. 

"It is frustrating because we are losing out on sales and customers get upset with us," said Gallegos. "We have to explain, well we're trying, we try everyday to find more ammunitions, but it's become more difficult."

Certain ammunitions are in such high demand that store owners are having to put a quantity limit on the number of boxes that can be purchased for certain calibers.

Gallegos said the bullets facing most of the restrictions are the 9 millimeters, 45's, 40's, 22 calibers and 223's.

Regular people aren't the only ones stocking up. Homeland security just put in a bid for up to $1.1 billion rounds of ammunition for the next five years.

This would go toward the required training of 130,000 armed federal agents.

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