Americas STRESS Problem

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 9:41am

Twenty-five percent of Americans reports having "extremely high" stress.

So what's got America stressed out?

One woman said, "Hoping that there's a job for me."

"Barely make ends meet living from check to check," said one man, while another said, "Not knowing what's gonna happen in the future."

The "Stress In America" survey finds that money, work and the economy are top stressors. Plus job stability, paying for housing and even kids.

Amber Barnato of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said, "Dealing with my daughter, because I find that I get, my buttons get pushed really, really easily with her."

Most of us are dealing with moderate stress, but one in four say it's extreme.

The good news: Americans recognize they are stressed out. Experts say we are just too busy to manage it.

CEO of the American Psychological Association Norman Anderson said, "They know that they need to exercise. They know that they need to relax more. They know that they need to get better about night's sleep. The challenge for most people is following through on what they know."

Don't be surprised if you gain weight. Stress triggers hormones that store body fat.

"When people begin an exercise program, their levels of depression actually go down," said Anderson.

Kenneth White of Washington, D.C. said, "Taking in the scenes of nature, that tends to work for me."

Here is motivation to de-stress: it's affecting our kids. A third say they can't fall asleep, and significant numbers report headaches, stomach aches and problems eating.

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