America's Last Patrol Reacts To Fallen Soldier

Friday, December 30, 2011 - 10:40am

UPPER VALLEY- the valley just began to heal but the news of another soldier killed over seas is a reminder that the war isn't over yet. The family of 24 yr. old Kurt Kern received the news of his death Tuesday night. He was killed after an IED exploded near his military vehicle. The news hits home for those who were fortunate enough to make it back alive.

"It hits you right in the heart man because you were there and you hate to see a family suffering for a KIA," said Commander Ricardo Pena. "It's sad because it's this time of the year where everybody is doing celebrations. It's christmas. New year's is coming around. Who would think we'd get a KIA this time of the year?"

The news is hard to take for valley veterans especially since this isn't the first casualty this year. Kern's name will join the thousands of fallen heroes at the Veteran's War Memorial in McAllen. His story will most likely go right next to three valley soldiers who lost their lives over seas just months ago.

Flags were flown at half staff Thursday in honor of soldier Kern. Pena considers 2011 a deadly year for the valley. Now its all about making sure the families know they aren't alone.

"We would like it if people could donate. We don't want money. We're not all about money what we need right now is supplies for the family," said Pena.

If you would like to make a donation to this military family you can call America's Last Patrol at (956)756-4695.

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