Amber Alert Suspect given $1M bond

Friday, April 18, 2014 - 10:08am

A kidnapped child is reunited with her family. Her alleged abductor is locked up in the Carrizales Rucker detention center in Cameron county.
Fifty one year old Randy Lee Johnson was picked up yesterday at a trailer park in Harlingen in the 15-thousand block of Executive drive. Police say he fled Monday from Magnolia,Texas with the 14 year old girl.
"I understand that he probably worked for the father or they were acquaintances."
At some point during her short stay here in Cameron county, investigators say Johnson sexually abused the mentally disabled teen. Chief Deputy Reyna added that during questioning...Johnson confessed to the sexual assault.
He was arraigned this afternoon... The victim's family seeking a protective order against him.
"By that protective order, you're going to be prohibited from doing certain things and required to do certain things."
If he makes bail, he's not allowed to go near the victim or her family. In addition, he can't be in possession of a firearm.
"In this case she was lucky she wasn't hurt, lucky that he didn't make her disappear somewhere, and the best part is, I'm glad he didn't take her into Mexico."
Right now authorities are still working with Johnson, they don't believe any other person was involved in the commission of these crimes.
"Johnson's bond has been set at one million dollars here in Cameron county. He also has a 150-thousand dollar hold out of Montgomery County for the kidnapping charge. All of the legal proceedings out of the Cameron County area will be handled before he is extradited to Montgomery County.

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