Alton House Fire

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 10:15am

ALTON - Yellow caution tape remains in front of the home as the roof is destroyed from the fire.

"Tthe fire was real bad, it started in the back and soon as is it spread out it spread quick."

Nellie Olivarez witnessed the fire. She lives right next store. She was sleeping when the fire started around 1am Monday. She called 911 after her mom woke her up and told her to call.

The dogs are the ones that woke up my mom, then about six fire trucks got here, we didn't know if people could be inside to we told them people could be inside."

Olivarez says the fire fighters had to break down fence where this yellow caution tape remains to get into the home.
Fire fighters from alton with assistance from Mission fought the flames.
The fire marshall says the fire was intentially set by someone in the master bedroom.
Olivarez says a mother and a daughter live in the home. Fire fighters tell us the two were not home at time of the fire.
Olivarez says the flames were so big she was worried it was going to spread to her house.

"My mom kept water in the trees making sure they didn't catch on fire,  so it wouldn't come to our house here because it's really really close."

Fire fighters says it took about an hour to knock out the fire.

The county fire marshall continues to investigate.

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