Alleged Prostitute Offers Services to Plain Clothed Officers


POSTED: Friday, October 29, 2010 - 1:06pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 31, 2010 - 5:27pm

It was off of 10th and Jefferson in downtown Brownsville where Marisela Cervantes allegedly approached two men to offer her very personal services.

She would soon find out the men she was offering to sell her body to, just happened to be plain clothed police officers who were driving an unmarked car.

Police say that Cervantes got in their vehicle and continued describing what she would do and for how much, despite some obvious indicators that maybe these weren't the best potential clients.

"Apparently the woman did not pay attention to the visor lights, the police radio that went off when she got in the police car and the gear that was next to her where she was sitting." said Brownsville Police Dept. PIO, Eddie Garcia.

Once the woman offered to take the men to the Colonial Hotel, that's when the officers pulled the plug on her operation.

The officers then informed her they were in fact Brownsville police officers and that she was under arrest for prostitution.

Cervantes was given a two-thousand dollar bond for the crime she has been charged with.

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what the p.d should do is raid the crack houses in the down town are ,these women are part of this crack buisness and we all know it. its shamefull to see our imaculate church shadowed by this buisness at night. just drive by its a true spectical. ive lived in this city all my life, and it seems that prostitution is another job like h.e.b, or b.i.s.d.......Pat are you gonna do somthing or oversee it like the rest befor you...

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