Alamo Residents Get Much Needed Help From County

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 11:47am

Help is finally on the way for residents in this Alamo neighborhood after almost drowning in frustration. Several acres of land have been under water for several days causing a huge headache for residents. Marisol Martinez's house is at the center of the mess. She says she's filed multiple complaints since she first noticed the water rising last Tuesday. She says her calls for help have fallen on deaf ears.
Even though its been days since the water first appeared. Several workers spent the afternoon pumping gallons of water out of the area trying to get this upper valley neighborhood back to normal.
County officials say they sent workers to fix the problem as soon as they heard.

"I was not aware of this problem until today," said Hidalgo County Commissioner Hector Palacios. "As you can see we're doing what we have to do we have the water pump here. Even though the problem is caused by the water district we all work together. "

These county officials were also shocked at the amount of water especially since its hasn't rained. They believe the problem may have been an accident. Either way the county is determined to dry up the area. After the clean up it hopes to find out what exactly happened here and what it can do to prevent anything like this from happening again.

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