Aircraft Laser Arrest

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 8:05am

Arizona man arrested for shining laser into the cockpit of a police aircraft.

An Arizona man is under arrest accused of shining a laser into the cockpit of a police aircraft. Authorities say while it may seem harmless enough, it could have deadly consequences.

Deputy Byron Trappman was the pilot last night when the laser hit the cockpit just after 9:00. This is video news 4 obtained from the pima co. Sheriff's department showing the green laser.

"It did temporarily affect my eye sight blind me a little bit I could actually feel the pain like when you walk out in sun after watching a dark movie you kind of feel the bright light in your eyes."

Fortunately he didn't lose control of the aircraft, another deputy managed to get a location from where the laser was coming from. While the green streak doesn't look dangerous from the ground.

"By the time it reaches the aircraft it can be several feet wide and illuminates the entire cockpit and it bounces around the instruments and metal and everything in the plane."

Making it distracting and dangerous. Sheriff deputies arrived at the house on climbing ivy. They say they found Alama Jeffs with his friends on the balcony.

"This individual in particular stated that he was pointing out stars to his friends and then the aircraft flew by and so he started to follow the aircraft with the laser."

20-year-old Jeffs was arrested. He was charged with two counts of felony endangerment. Deputy Trappman says people need to think twice about shooting lasers at aircrafts.

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