Air Travelers Find Their Way to Loved Ones for the Holiday

Thursday, November 25, 2010 - 9:47am

Air traffic is moving smoothly at the Brownsville South Padre International Airport. Full flights have been in and out, and on time for the most part, according to airport officials.

News Center 23 caught up with a few travelers, some flying out, some flying in, all eager to meet up with loved ones.

"I've been away for nine months. I’m coming home for 15 days to see my family." a soldier returning from Iraq said.

The serviceman tells News Center 23 he's been looking forward to seeing his wife and baby girl, who just turned one, for some time now.

He says he's thankful to be home with them this Thanksgiving, but there's also someone else he's looking forward to seeing.

"My wife is pregnant right now. We’re ready to have a baby in about the next couple of days, it’s a boy." the soldier added.

It seems that many travelers we spoke with, both on and off-camera, will spend the holiday with relatives or those dear to them, that they rarely get to see, making this holiday, even more special.

"We don't get to go very often. We’re glad to see the kids, my brother and sister live there too, it'll be fun." a couple heading to Dallas said.

We also ran into a woman who was waiting to fly out. She's returning home to her family after being on an extended business trip. She says she's looking forward to seeing her family, but not looking forward to leaving this tropical weather.

"It's really cold, record breaking lows in Seattle right now, about fourteen degrees and maybe a foot of snow, so not really looking forward to that. I’m enjoying the weather down here actually.” a traveler heading to Seattle said.

Airport traffic isn't expected to slow down anytime soon. The NCAA basketball tournament on the island will continue bringing travelers into the lower valley through the weekend.

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