Agricultural Research Center May Close its Doors

Agricultural Research Center May Close its Doors
Sunday, July 3, 2011 - 7:21am

If you take a close look at this plant you will see a very small insect that may cause major damage to Agricultural industry in the U.S.
The Kika De La Garza subtropical Agricultural Research Center in Weslaco studies these types of insects along with several diseases that may cross the border. But now the center may have to close its doors.

Ten research centers may close across nation. Dr. Robert Mangan who is the research leader says closing down this center will affect the entire valley.

"This lab has a long history of successful research. We have plans for a long time into the future, to face future problems. We are state of the art. We respond quickly to new problems," he said.

Being that its so close to the border makes it even more important to continue to study invasive species and diseases. This specific center studies plants that threaten the river.
They have made a number of discoveries and closing it down would put a stop to much needed research.

They've resolved treatments and systems to erradicate a number of pests. The mexican fruit fly, the West Indian fruit fly. That's the work out of this lab.

If the center closes 139 people will loose their job and future researchers wont be able to learn.

The final decision will be made in early September but until then scientists and researchers will continue to keep a close eye on what invasive species may cross our borders..

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