Advocacy groups suing new TX abortion laws

Advocacy groups suing new TX abortion laws
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 12:18pm

The Texas Attorney General's Office says new abortion limits seek to expressly protect fetal life, not just the safety of the woman termiinating a pregnancy.

Advocacy groups have sued in federal court to block as unconstitutional parts of an anbortion law that threw the Legislature into chaos this summer.

The law requires doctors to ahve admitting privileges at nearby hospitals to perform abortions, only allows abortions in surgical centers and bans the procedure after 20 weeks. It also limits medical abortions.

A judge was being asked Monday to delay enforcement of the admitting privileges and medical abortion rules, but state attorneys said critics mistakenly assert the law was approved to protect only the safety of the mother.

They say it protects unborn life too, without threatening the mother's health.

The president of "Texans for Life," Kyleen Wright, spoke after exiting the hearing Monday stating,

"Well we've heard a lot from Doctor Fine, who's speaking for Planned Parenthood and the plaintiffs, but we did get into a little bit with cross examination from the state's attorney, and I think he's doing a great job."

"It looks to me like they're going to have some good information supporting what we have said all along and that is that there are a lot more complications, it's not as safe as people say, and that there are a lot of substandard doctors performing these surgical procedures."

"I think the key factors are going to be the undue burden, whether you're talking about an inconvenience or an undue burden and yes, the safety factor and whether you know, it can't really be an undue burden if it's a little bit extra drive and that's what's required to get the safer provision. I think if that information is presented to women, women are going to choose the safer option. They don't know that they're walking in and getting doctors who can't qualify for hospital privileges."

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