Adults Charged With Serving Alcohol To Minors

POSTED: Monday, February 16, 2009 - 11:25pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:32am

At a weekend party, four adults were arrested for serving alcohol to twelve underage drinkers, ranging in ages from 14 to 20.
Brownsville Police say, they broke up a booze-filled party,where, 12 of those partiers were too young to be drinking in the first place.
Now, the adults who served them, alcohol are in trouble.
22-year old, Albert Lopez, 22-year old, Rene Ruiz, 25-year old, Yolanda Sanchez, and 24-year old, Abram Almendarez are the adults being charged with 12 counts each, for providing alcoholic drinks to nine minors, and three juveniles.
The party took place at Brownsville's La Residencia Apartments on Price road.
Police say, they got a call from a neighbor who complained about the loud noise coming from inside apartment number 134.
When police arrived, they say, several adults came to the door to meet with officers, but the cops still heard noise, shuffling feet, and clanking, from inside.
After an in-depth search of the apartment, they found teens and juveniles hiding inside bedrooms, bathtubs, closets, and even underneath beds.
Police spokesman, Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique says, they found evidence that all the minors had been drinking.
We caught up with Joseph Hernandez, who lives in a home, next to the La Residencia complex.
He says, these wild teen parties are getting out-of control.
"There's a whole bunch of teens, drinking doing drugs, girls, boys, doing stuff maybe they shouldn't be doing, i've notified, the complex, I've made several complaints to Brownsville Police Department about it."
Hernandez says, because the noise is getting so bad, he's planting higher shrubs and bushes to block out some of the loud music and partying.
News Center 23 spoke to representatives from La Residencia and they had no comment about this incident.

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