Aaron Hernandez's fiancée under suspicion


POSTED: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 8:36am

UPDATED: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 8:52am

There's a new twist in the murder case against former NFL player Aaron Hernandez. As the former New England Patriot star waits for a possible indictment by a grand jury, there's a newly revealed focus on Hernandez's fiancée and whether she was involved in hiding the alleged murder weapon, Susan Candiotti reports.

Did the fiancée of fallen football star Aaron Hernandez help him hide a murder weapon?

It's a possibility police are apparently considering as they desperately try to find a 45 caliber gun used to kill Odin Lloyd on Father's Day

Paul Callan, Legal Analyst, "If Miss Jenkins is tied into this conduct, she's in very serious trouble. She's an accomplice after the fact to a murder."

The theory revealed in new search warrant affidavits obtained by Hernandez's hometown newspaper the Bristol Press in Connecticut.

In the 10 days before Hernandez was arrested, fiancée Shayanna Jenkins was seen coming and going from their home.

She's also seen on different surveillance video leaving the house after receiving a mysterious message from the former New England Patriot, the documents reportedly state.

His fiancée allegedly puts a rigid object into a car, according to an affidavit, and returns a half hour later without carrying anything back inside the  house.

Remember, these surveillance stills taken inside Hernandez's home show him in the hours just before and after the murder of Odin Lloyd holding what prosecutors believe is a gun.

Another defendant, Carlos Ortiz, allegedly told police that after the murder, Hernandez put two guns into a lockbox.

Warrants also were executed at a storage facility in Bristol where Hernandez allegedly rented a unit.

Investigators also searched a lake near his uncle's home and plan to search another pond nearby this week.

Paul Callan, "Even if the murder weapon is not found, this appears to be a very strong case against Mister Hernandez."

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