A Week Without TV

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 9:46am

Texas family tries to live without the boob-tube for one week.

What would you do without your television for a day, how about for a week?

One Texas school is encouraging families to do just that by participating in "no TV week at Mount Peak."

"You know there's so many more important things to do in life. My husband says I'd rather live life than watch someone else live it on TV," said Gina Adams.

Her family is taking part in the challenge.

For the next week families at the Midlothian elementary school are being asked to do other activities together at home.

The school is also offering nightly activities like board games and bingo.

The school's physical education teacher, Will Probst, started the challenge five years ago.

He says if families really put effort into it, it can be a great experience.

"The Adams family is really great because they come in as a family; they've participated since the inception of this. If they work together as a family, it becomes so much fun and so much easier for the kids," Probst said.

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