A New Kind Of Beer Goggles

Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 9:53am

Beck's promotes virtual, viral interactive art in new campaign.

Big green boxes began popping up around Miami, Florida last month.

At first glace, the giant green box doesn't look like much.

It's actually "augmented reality technology"

At least that's the name Beck's Beer gives them.

This is how it works:

"First, you have to download the free Beck's application on your smart phone or tablet," spokesman Eddy Leal said. "Then you locate one of the green boxes in your city. Then you are able to aim the device at the box to unlock or view the art."

There are five boxes in Miami, 20 in the country and ten others internationally.

Once you located a box, point your smart phone or iPad at it and watch and hear the magic happen.

You will see an image floating around the box, while everything in the real background stays just as it is.

If the artist displayed is a musician, then instead of seeing something, you'll hear a song.

Beck's calls it physical art in a virtual world, and every side of the box is different.

"It allows you to view art differently," Leal said. "It's about getting involved in the community and giving artists and musicians a platform."


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